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Take a trip on the subway and see Tokyo!

A Tokyo

Recommended Sightseeing Spots


Shibuya is home to the famous Scramble Crossing, a busy crosswalk that is famous for its peaceful chaos. You can find street performers of all sorts, from comedians to rappers, trying out their craft at this busy intersection. Shibuya is home to many trendy shops, restaurants and cafés and is an excellent area to experience what the big city has to offer. Holidays such as Halloween and New Years are wonderful times to visit Shibuya, as there are events held to commemorate these occasions.

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Harajuku is famous for Takeshita Street, a popular tourist destination. Shops selling the hottest youth fashion line the street, as well as many food stalls that sell crepes and other treats that are the perfect size to eat on the go. Once you get to the end of the street, make your way to “Ura-Harajuku”, or “Back Harajuku”, an area with more eclectic boutiques and galleries that are a must-visit for the real Harajuku experience.

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Omotesando is a bustling avenue of fashion innovation. Many sought-after fashion shops are gathered in the Omotesando Hills fashion complex, which is the core of the district, while luxury brand fashion shops line Omotesando proper.
A stroll through this trendsetting area is sure to transport you away to the world of haute couture even if you are merely gazing at the chic architecture and practicing the art of window shopping. A great recommendation for casual shopping and dining is Echika Omotesando, located in Omotesando Station.

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Nogizaka and Akasaka

From Nogizaka Station, visit the National Art Center, Tokyo, and Tokyo Midtown. Explore some of the greatest architecture in the world and carefully curated pieces of art, and then stop by some of the unique shops or take a rest for a meal or a beverage at one of the restaurants and cafés. Akasaka Station is directly connected to Ark Hills. Another great option not far off is Roppongi Hills. There are so many things to see and do in this leading area of Tokyo, one day just isn’t enough!

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You will probably want to leave the kids at home when you visit Ginza, home to many shinise, or shops that have been passed down through generations. Lining the streets, such establishments include department stores, brand fashion stores, kimono shops, art galleries and cafés. In recent years, large shopping complexes have opened up, such as YURAKUCHO ITOCiA and Marronnier Gate, bringing a captivating energy to this historical district. You will find a similar sort of vitality at COREDO Nihonbashi, COREDO Muromachi and other fun places near Nihombashi Station, just a couple of stations away on the Ginza Line.

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Oshiage and TOKYO SKYTREE®

TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN® opened for business in Sumida Ward on May 22, 2012. TOKYO SKYTREE® towers over Tokyo at 634 meters, a height whose number can be read in Japanese as “Musashi,” which is the ancient name of Tokyo and the surrounding area. It holds the Guinness World Record™ for the tallest tower in the world. Among the features are the Tembo deck 350 meters off the ground and the Tembo Galleria at 450 meters. At the base of the tower is TOKYO Solamachi with lots of things to do and see, including the SUMIDA AQUARIUM, the Konica Minolta Planetarium, shops and eateries.

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Senso-ji temple is said to be the oldest temple in Tokyo. Among the features of the temple are Kaminarimon Gate, a familiar landmark for all Japanese people, the main temple building which is steeped in history, and a pagoda that rises 53 meters high. At night, illumination makes it appear as through the temple is magically floating above the ground. Inside the gate are the nakamise, delightful stores selling various goods on the temple grounds. Among the things you will find for sale along this busting row are confections, kimono accessories and a variety of souvenirs.

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Nezu and Sendagi

Nezu-jinja shrine is a historical location a short distance from Nezu Station. Other attractions within walking distance are the Yayoi Museum and Takehisa Yumeji Museum providing an ancient historical experience, and the Tokyo National Museum is also a wonderful walking destination. From Sendagi Station, explore the Yanaka area where the old Shitamachi atmosphere still remains. Mixed among the old homes, you will find stores selling washi paper and chiyogami (origami paper) and cafés. A fun thing to do is visit Yuyake Dandan, an area in Yanaka-Ginza where cats like to spend their free time.

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Akihabara was originally a shopping district for those who love electronics. To this day, there are shops that sell PC parts at reasonable prices. However, Akihabara is now better known for its shops selling anime and manga goods, both new and second-hand. If you are looking for a certain DVD or figure, there is no better place to start than here! When you’re done shopping, take a break at a maid café – Akihabara is home to dozens!

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Tokyo Station features the Marunouchi Building which has undergone conservation and restoration work, bringing back the original form, including the dome-shaped ceiling and the three-story structural portion. The beauty of this Marunouchi landmark can be enjoyed from the Marunouchi and the Shin-Marunouchi Buildings. Near the Yaesu North Exit are areas excellent for eating and drinking, including Kurobe Yokocho and Kitchen Street. While there, make sure to check out the GranTokyo North Tower.

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Tsukishima and Toyosu

Monjayaki is a specialty food of Tokyo. At Tsukishima, you will find many monjayaki shops filled with the old Shitamachi atmosphere. A bit further along is Toyosu, featuring Urban Dock LaLaport TOYOSU, a large commercial complex with more than 100 shops. Taking a walk in the park along the harbor is recommended. It offers a view of the core of Tokyo beyond the bay and excellent scenery at sunset.

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