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Cultural institutions that are the pride of Japan to the world are concentrated in this corner of Kawasaki that still retains must nature. Famous manga artist Fujiko・F・Fujio lived here for many years, and artist Okamoto Taro was born here. Experience world-class culture in museums with vast collections of works by these globally famous artists. They are located in Ikuta Ryokuchi Park that is also home to a natural history museum, institutions with cultural assets and much more. Cultural pop monuments greet visitors at the station and along the way to the park.

Getting to Noborito

Recommended tourist attractions

Fujiko・F・Fujio Museum
in Kawasaki City

Works by Fujiko・F・Fujio, the world-famous creator of “Doraemon,” are on display here. Also enjoy the shops and cafés with creations worthy of such works.
Tickets are available for purchase in the Odakyu Sightseeing Service Center.

Japan Open-air Folk House Museum
of Kawasaki

This open-air museum is located within the pleasant boundaries of Ikuta Ryokuchi Park. There are currently 25 buildings that have been relocated here, including old folk houses, a kabuki stage and a water mill. Although most are folk houses from 2 or 3 hundred years ago, a special highlight is four in the gassho architectural style, each with distinctive features. Along the garden paths are Jizo (Kshitigarbha) bodhisattva statues, Bato-Kanon (Hayagriva) signposts and other such stonework. Such features help create an atmosphere of earlier centuries for the garden overall and you may just forget that you are in the modern world!

(Traditional Indigo Dyeing Workshop)
– West Gate of the Japan Open-air
Folk House Museum

Experience traditional aizome (indigo dyeing) for yourself (a fee applies). Advance reservations are recommended. Telephone number: 044-900-1101

Kawasaki Municipal Science Museum

Located in Ikuta Ryokuchi Park, this museum has lots of exhibits focusing on the theme of nature in Kawasaki. And don’t miss the popular planetarium with its world-class projection system! If you want to go on the weekend, make sure you arrive early as the tickets often sell out before noon.

Taro Okamoto Museum of Art, Kawasaki

This museum has 1,779 pieces in its collection that are on display. They were donated to Kawasaki City by Okamoto Taro, a renowned artist. The museum creates a new exhibit four times a year themed on Okamoto Taro.