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Experience Ancient Japan’s Traditional Culture on this Classic Samurai Course!

This travel itinerary will allow you to experience the history and spirit of the samurai, leading to a deeper understanding of this part of Japan's history. Check out a museum with samurai armor and Japanese swords, rent a kimono and feel Japan's traditional culture for yourself.

Start at the East Exit of Shinjuku Station

Time cost:
4 Hours


Samurai Museum

Located in Kabukicho, an area that is in the process of changing from a red light district to an entertainment sector, lies the Samurai Museum. You can see samurai armor, kabuto helmets, Japanese swords and other tools and weapons that the samurai used in this museum. The signage is in English, Chinese and Korean, and you can also request further English explanations as you make your way through the museum.

The museum holds sword battle performances, something often seen on the stage and screen, and also offers the opportunity to dress up in a samurai outfit and take a picture. For an additional fee, you can hold a Japanese sword and truly learn about the history and spirit of the samurai. You also have the chance to write with a brush and try traditional calligraphy. Be sure to stop by the gift shop on your way out and choose a souvenir from the wide selection of goods available.

Location information

Samurai Museum

The Samurai Museum in the heart of Kabukicho gives visitors from all over the world an opportunity to learn more about these warriors that valued honor above life. The beauty of the samurai spirit can…

EiwaNo.6 Bldg 25-6kabukicho 2chome, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Telephone number
03-6457- 6411
Hours of operation
10:30AM-9:00PM (last admission 8:30PM)
Adults - 1,800 yen, Children (12 years of age or younger) - 800 yen, Children (3 years of age or younger) - Free

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Kimono Rental Vasara (Shinjuku Ekimae Branch)

Vasara Kimono Rental (Shinjuku Ekimae Store) is a three-minute walk from the South Exit of Shinjuku Station. This shop was created with the concept of “becoming beautiful easily”, and you can experience trying on a kimono, a part of Japanese culture, here. While you go out wearing the kimono, you can leave your items in the shop and enjoy sightseeing without worrying about your luggage (please keep valuable items on you though!)

If you make a reservation online, you can get a discount. The rental fee includes putting on the kimono, a decorative hairpin, the kimono, a bag, tabi socks and zori sandals (for men, the rental fee includes tabi socks, zori sandals and a bag.) You can also enjoy coordinating your outfit and having your hair put in a hairstyle that Japanese women typically like.

If you rent a kimono from the morning, you can enjoy taking snapshots in your Japanese attire. If you rent from the evening, you can enjoy dinner, a party, a musical or show in a dress-like kimono. Don’t hesitate to ask the staff to help you find a kimono that suits you best.

It is said that in the Edo Period and earlier, Japanese people did not really swing their arms as they walked. By walking around in Japanese-style clothing your mannerisms are sure to change. Have fun walking around the big city of Shinjuku! If you’re interested in trying on a kimono, we recommend making an advance reservation on their website. Don’t forget to have your passport ready on the day, so the staff can confirm your identity.

At Vasara Kimono Rental (Shinjuku Ekimae Store), you can try on a kimono and enjoy taking a walk while wearing it. If you want to try one on, please make a reservation in advance. In order for the staff to confirm your identity, please show your passport or credit card.

Address: Shinjuku Komuro Building 8F, 4-1-22 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022
Telephone Number: 03-5577-5882
Hours of Operation: 9:00AM-6:00PM (Final kimono fitting is at 5:00PM. Return the kimono by 5:30PM.)



Masuda-ya, a shop that sells goods for tea ceremonies, is a long-standing shop with a history of almost 90 years. You can also experience a Japanese tea ceremony here, and this trial ranked in the "Top 10 Best Experiences" at the Live Japan Awards 2017. The Urasenke tea ceremony school instructor offers a high-quality tea ceremony lesson in an authentic tea room, earning high praise from tourists.

First, you will enter the room and receive an explanation about the layout of the room and the tea ceremony goods, followed by a demonstration of the teacher making the matcha green tea. After that, you will have the chance to make it yourself. You can request that the lesson be conducted in simple English or Chinese, and those who have trouble sitting on their knees can request to sit in a chair. Reservations for 3 people or more are accepted by e-mail or telephone.

This long-standing tea ceremony goods shop was founded in Showa Year 5 (1930). The Masuda Gallery open every month displays the finest selection of tea ceremony goods that only be chosen by the experienced staff at such a long-standing shop. Beginners can learn about and enjoy an authentic tea ceremony here.

Address: 2-17-11 Hyakunincho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-0073
Telephone Number: 03-3362-3281