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Yose theater is where the heart of Japanese people lies when it comes to entertainment. Yose traditions provide an oasis from the whirlwind of change in society today. While performances are so often made now in modern settings, Suehirotei respects the traditions from centuries past, bringing the flavor of older times into rakugo comedy and variety shows for the modern audience. It is said that Tokyo is rakugo while Kyoto and Osaka are manzai comedian duos, but in fact there are many rakugo shows day and night in Tokyo. Out of about 18 yose sets in the day and 18 at night, about 11 are rakugo, while the remainder are mazai, kijutsu magic, kyokugei acrobatics, zokkyoku folk singing and other styles. And the tradition continues to live on and develop, with new great yose performers emerging all the time.

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3-6-12 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku
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