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Shinjuku restaurant

East Area

With 16 locations in Akihabara, around Japan and overseas, the entertainment-based restaurant chain and number 1 main café Maidreamin got its start here. Providing experiences in a “space of the extraordinary,” Shinjuku restaurant works incessantly to find new ways to deliver smiles to the faces of patrons from around the world through the Japanese cultural concepts of moe (affection) and kawaii (cuteness). Each location in the chain is built around a different motif. Get the stamp impressions from each for a complete collection! Watching the maids grow each time you visit is one of the delights of Shinjuku restaurant. Many patrons come seeking the kawaii foods and beverages sported on Instagram, and a popular draw particularly among visitors from abroad recently is the “maid no otagei,” something that can be seen only at Maidreamin locations. Enjoy the live performance when you place an order.

Facility overview

3-22-10 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022 Japan
Telephone number
Restaurant: 03-6457-7699, reservations: 03-6272-3263
Hours of operation
Monday–Thursday: 13:00–23:00
Friday, day before a holiday: 13:00–5:00
Saturday: 13:00–5:00
Sunday, holidays: 13:00–23:00