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BICQLO is a collaboration store between the fashion brand Uniqlo and the home electronics retailer Bic Camera, which generally operate in two completely different markets. Having become the latest hot spot in Shinjuku, BICQLO is filled with the energy of people from around the world taking delight at all the latest technology and fashionable apparel. Everything from the background music to the shopping bags and receipts has been created uniquely for this store. Don't miss the mannequins that are dressed in Uniqlo apparel and sporting Bic Camera electronics. You can't see these mannequins at any other store! The 1st to 3rd floors are of BICQLO are the Uniqlo East Exit Branch, the second-largest Uniqlo in Japan. Clothing for men, women and children, including infants, is available, and there are diaper changing stations and a feeding room on site. BICQLO is an excellent place for shopping with the whole family!

Facility overview

3-29-1 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022
Telephone number
Hours of operation
10:00–22:00 every day