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Ain Soph. Journey

East Area

  • vegan
  • Western-style food

Ain Soph. Journey is a vegan/vegetarian restaurant located in Shinjuku San-Chome. The menu items are all made strictly from vegetarian-friendly ingredients, and their pancakes made without any animal-based ingredients are one of their most popular dishes. The shop is divided into 3 floors, and floors can be reserved for private parties.

Facility overview

B1 Level, 1st/2nd Floors, Shinjuku Q Building, 3-8-9 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Telephone number
Hours of operation
Lunch: 11:30AM–5:00PM (last order 4:00PM)
Fridays, Saturdays, days before holidays: 6:00PM–11:00PM (last order 10:00PM)
Sunday–Thursday: 6:00PM–10:00PM (last order 9:00PM)