See a Collection of Pictures that Show the Beauty of Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

Tue, March 19, 2019 - Mon, April 29, 2019


The pictures that won the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden Photo Contest will be on display in the garden's Information Center. The theme of the contest is photos that express the charm of the garden. There will be 44 photos on display from both the general division and the children’s division, as well as 2 photos specially selected by the jury. Enjoy these photos that show off the beauty of the garden throughout the seasons.

Event overview

Event period
Tuesday, March 19th to Monday, April 29th 2019, 9:00AM-4:30PM
The garden is closed on Mondays, though it will be open if the Monday is a National Holiday, and closed on the following Tuesday.
The garden will be open everyday from March 25th to April 24th
Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden Information Center 1F Art Gallery, 11 Fujicho, Shinjuku-ku
Telephone number
03-3341-1461(National Park Association, Shinjuku Gyoen)