Privacy Policy

Odakyu Electric Railway (“OER” hereafter) has voluntarily established an administration system and rules for protecting customers’ and clients’ personal information used for business purposes, to comply with laws concerning protection of private information. OER has set out the policy on protection of personal information detailed below and has taken various measures in accordance with that policy.


OER complies with laws and guidelines related to protection of personal information.

Use of Personal Information

OER uses personal information supplied by customers for the following business purposes:

  1. To provide appropriate suggestions or information regarding its products and services
  2. To provide documentation or information requested by customers
  3. To contact applicants for special events or contests, or to provide documentation, information or services to them
  4. To answer customer inquiries
  5. To use for formulating various business strategies within OER

Odakyu Electric Railway Business Operations

  1. Railway business
  2. Real estate sales business
  3. Real estate rental business
  4. Design, building and contracting of civil engineering, construction or landscaping
  5. Operation of leisure and sports facilities and of educational facilities for culture
  6. Parking lot business
  7. Sale of foodstuffs, liquor, tobacco, apparel, sundry goods and gardening products
  8. Travel business
  9. Operation of hotels, ryokan and restaurants
  10. Telecommunications business and cable broadcasting business
  11. Publicity and advertising agency business
  12. Services under the Installment Sales Law (credit card operations)
  13. Bathing facilities business
  14. All other operations related to carrying out the businesses listed above

Scope of Use of Personal Information

  1. Providing information to parties entrusted with carrying out OER’s business
    When entrusting its business to a third party, OER may provide personal information to that party but will ensure that the entrusted party manages that information in accordance with OER’s policy.
  2. Providing information to third parties
    Except when stipulated by law, OER does not provide personal information to third parties without the individual’s prior consent other than in the case of parties entrusted with carrying out OER’s business.

Collection of Personal Information

OER collects personal information by appropriate and lawful means.

Administration of Information and Safety Measures

  1. OER carefully and appropriately administers personal information and takes thorough safety precautions against leaks or loss of information and unauthorized access to or destruction or modification of said information.
  2. OER has established and appropriately administers an internal system for continuous implementation of the safety measures described in (1) above.

Queries Concerning Personal Information (Japanese Only)

OER has established a section in charge of dealing with queries concerning disclosure, etc. of personal information and for receiving comments from the public regarding handling of personal information, and endeavors to deal with such matters in a timely and practical manner in accordance with the relevant laws.

Contacting OER Regarding Personal Information

When contact information is listed on application forms, etc. for products or services, customers are requested to contact the number or URL shown. When contact information is not listed or is unknown, customers should get in touch as shown below.

Odakyu Electric Railway Co. Ltd. Odakyu Customer Center
Tel. 03-3481-0066 (follow prompts and press 3)
Telephone calls accepted between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. (7 days a week, except at yearend and the New Year)

Please note that:

  1. Customers are asked to submit requests for disclosure of personal information, disclosure of purpose of use, changes or discontinuation of use of personal information using the forms prescribed by OER.
  2. OER requires persons submitting requests for disclosure of personal information, disclosure of purpose of use, changes or discontinuation of use of personal information to provide identification to establish their identity (in the case of a proxy, information establishing that the person submitting the request is authorized to act as a proxy is required).
  3. OER may impose a predetermined service charge on requests for disclosure of personal information and disclosure of purpose of use.

Execution of and Improvements to This Policy

OER undertakes to thoroughly inform all its executives, employees and related parties in the implementation of this policy, and to continue making improvements in its voluntary administration system and rules for protecting personal information.

Changes to This Policy

This policy may be changed whenever the need arises.

Adopted April 1, 2005
Toshimitsu Yamaki, President, Odakyu Electric Railway Co. Ltd.