Get a 5% Off Coupon during Odakyu Department Store’s Welcome to Japan Campaign!

Visitors from overseas will receive a 5% off coupon that can be used at Odakyu Department Store Shinjuku. Visit the Customer Service Counter for Visitors from Overseas (on the 4th floor of the main building), and show them the coupon screen and your passport.

From Tuesday, October 1st to Saturday, October 12th.

Click here for the coupon screen

We recommend picking these items up during the sales campaign!

  • SK-II


    Pitera Best Seller Set
    68,200 yen
    On sale from September 21st
    Available on the second floor of the Odakyu Department Store

  • Shiseido


    Shiseido Benefiance Wrinkle Smoothing Eye Cream (for use around the eyes)
    6,930 yen
    On sale from October 1st
    Shiseido Benefiance Wrinkle Smoothing Contour Serum (quasi-drug formula) Facial Cream
    9,900 yen
    On sale from October 1st
    Available on the second floor of the Odakyu Department Store



    Patra Ring
    25,300 yen
    Made in Japan
    Available on the second floor of the Odakyu Department Store

  • Fjall Raven

    Fjall Raven

    Kanken Rainbow Mini SMU
    12,100 yen
    Japan-exclusive color
    Available on the B2 level of the Halc Department Store

Popular Items in the Department Store Basement
Items available on the B2 level of the Odakyu Department Store
*The 5% off coupon cannot be used for food

  • Bunmeido


    Castella Sponge Cake Wraps (10 pieces)
    1,296 yen

  • Yokumoku


    Cigare Cookies (20 pieces)
    1,458 yen

  • Casaneo


    Mille Flower Cakes (6 pieces)
    1,296 yen

  • Toshimaya


    Pigeon-shaped Sable Cookies (18 pieces per case)
    2,160 yen

*The prices listed are applicable after October 1st.

Enjoy food from Hokkaido in Shinjuku at the Hokkaido Fair! From Wednesday, October 2nd to Monday, October 14th Every day from 10:00AM-8:00PM *The event will finish at 5:00PM on Tuesday, October 8th and Monday, October 14th Location: Odakyu Department Store Shinjuku, 11F

Odakyu Department Store Shinjuku is directly connected to Shinjuku Station, the busiest station in Japan, via the West Exit. Boasting an extensive lineup of popular cosmetics, luxury brands, food, and sporting goods, Odakyu Department Store Shinjuku is a great place for one-stop shopping. Credit cards from around the world, including China UnionPay, are accepted. Mobile payment apps Alipay and WeChatPay* can be used throughout the department store, and tax-free service is also available. English and Chinese interpreters are available and free Wi-Fi is available in the building. When traveling to Shinjuku, be sure to make a stop at Odakyu Department Store Shinjuku!
*WeChatPay can be used from October 1st.

Odakyu Department Store Shinjuku

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