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Visit the Japanese Branch of Eggslut in Shinjuku!

Sep 14, 2019

Attention all egg lovers! LA’s famous specialty egg restaurant Eggslut finally arrived in Japan on September 13th, 2019!

Known as a breakfast restaurant beloved by Hollywood celebrities, Eggslut focuses on making spectacular egg sandwiches. The brand started as a food truck in 2011 and has slowly but steadily expanded to brick and mortar restaurants within California and internationally.

For the grand opening in Japan, the original recipe was used as a base, with eggs from local free-range farms and homemade brioche bun made with specially selected ingredients being incorporated. While the egg sandwiches have been adjusted for local tastes, the signature dish Slut is still served exactly as it is in the US.

The staff at Shinjuku Guide was able to visit the Shinjuku branch. Let us introduce to you some of the delicious lineup.

The Signature Dish, the Slut

Though the name is very memorable, do you know what's in the signature Slut dish? You’ll receive a small glass jar with mashed potatoes made with fermented butter and topped with a soft-boiled egg. Mix the two together inside the jar and dip the included toasted baguette in the mixture. This dish became popular in California before becoming an international topic of conversation. It has even come up in Japanese media, so its no surprise that the Slut is now a staple of egg-based cooking.

The soft-boiled egg and mashed potatoes go very well together. The egg’s yolk becomes a kind of sauce and mixes well with the potatoes for a surprisingly light dish. Once you experience this flavor, you won’t forget it. When you feel like eating something luxurious, this is the dish to try!

The Standard, the Fairfax Sandwich

The Fairfax Sandwich consists of soft scrambled eggs on a homemade brioche bun. This sandwich has become synonymous with Eggslut. The addition of spicy Siracha sauce, sweet caramelized onions, and cheddar cheese make this sandwich stand out from the usual egg sandwiches. The buttery aroma from the brioche bun adds another layer of deliciousness. No wonder it’s become the standard!

The Japanese Exclusive, the Route 20 Sandwich

The Route 20 Sandwich is a hamburger that is only available in Japan. It’s filled with toppings that go well together, especially the eggs and hamburger patty.

When the Eggslut food truck first started, the Fairfax Burger was named after the street the truck was parked on, Fairfax Avenue. As the location of Eggslut’s Japan location on Shinjuku Southern Terrace is close to National Route 20, the Japan-exclusive dish carries on this naming tradition.

The soft scrambled eggs will melt in your mouth, with the yolk of the sunny-side-up egg cooked at low heat adding even more eggy goodness to the burger. The burger is juicy and the cheddar cheese is rich, so this is definitely a regional exclusive that you can’t miss.

Don't Forget the OJ!

We highly recommend getting your food with orange juice. The fresh orange juice goes very well with the eggs and will give you that breakfast feeling at any time of day. If you’re worried about carbohydrates, then you can swap the brioche buns for salad and still keep your diet on track.

These sandwiches are just the right size, and won’t leave you with the overly full feeling that some restaurants do. The flavor isn’t too overpowering, so you won’t get tired of the sandwich half-way through. You can also get all of the dishes to go, though we recommend eating in the restaurant to get the full experience.

Eggslut is open from 7:30 AM to 10:00 PM, so it’s perfect for a balanced breakfast, a late lunch or as a late-night snack. When you come to Shinjuku, be sure to stop by!

Eggslut (Shinjuku Southern Terrace Branch)
Shinjuku Southern Terrace 2-2-1 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Irregular holidays
LA Website: http://www.eggslut.com/
Japanese Website: https://eggslut.baycrews.co.jp/