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3 Great Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants in Shinjuku

Oct 31, 2019

Although the number of vegan and vegetarian-friendly restaurants is increasing in Japan, the number is still very small. This makes it tough for those who follow that diet to stick to it while here on vacation. We have covered this topic before, but as it’s over a year later so we would like to introduce you to even more restaurants that are vegetarian or vegan-friendly! Even those who aren’t strictly vegetarians are sure to enjoy the dishes filled with fresh vegetables and other healthy ingredients at these local hot spots!

KiboKo – Homemade Vegetable-Based Dishes

Vegan and Wine Bar KiboKo, a ten-minute walk from Odakyu Shinjuku Station, is hidden in plain sight downtown Shinjuku. KiboKo focuses on serving dishes made with vegetables from Japanese farms and organic ingredients. All of the dishes served are 100% vegan, so you’re sure to feel refreshed and recharged afterward!

Vegetables that are naturally grown and organic are used for the dishes in each carefully made dish that is garnished with fermented condiments and spices. All of the ingredients are carefully selected, so you won’t feel bloated and sluggish after a meal here.

You can try all kinds of delights here such as the Spanish omelet that doesn’t use any eggs, the cilantro potstickers and the woven basket of steamed seasonal vegetables. You can enjoy some small dishes and dessert here, or you can request a full course meal (reservations required).

Enjoy some excellent wine in this peaceful space paired with some naturally delicious dishes!

Vegan and Wine Bar KiboKo
Shimura Building 4F 2-5-8 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Hours of Operation: Wednesday-Saturday 5:00PM-11:00PM (Last Order – 10:00PM)
Closed: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday
https://www.vegan-kiboko.com/ (Japanese only)

Vege Stand – Enjoy Many Different Vegetables Here

You can find Vege Stand in the Shinjuku Marui Department Store. They make salads, smoothies and hot drinks with organic fruits and vegetables directly from the farm.

There are 30 types of colorful fruits and vegetables in the open kitchen, and you can choose a salad from the menu or choose your favorites and make your own. To the right of the counter is a refrigerator with a plentiful selection of salad dressing.

The vegan mushroom hot dog is this stand’s top recommendation. Mushrooms, sprouts, red cabbage, red peppers, tomatoes, kale, and carrots are folded into the soft bun for a delicious treat. 4 whole mushrooms are used as is, so the “meatiness” of a regular hot dog is still present in this dish.

There are menu options for strict vegans as well. The salads are big, so they make for the perfect lunch. Stop by and try out all the different kinds of vegetables available!

Vege Stand (Shinjuku Marui Flagship Branch)
Shinjuku Marui B1F 3-30-13 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Hours of Operation: Monday-Saturday 7:00AM-9:00PM,
Sundays and National Holidays 7:00AM-8:30PM
http://vegestand.tokyo/ (Japanese only)

Location information

Shinjuku Marui Main Building

The Shinjuku Marui Main Building is a large commercial facility with apparel shops for men and women, shoe stores, handbag shops, and stores selling cosmetics and other goods. There are also cafés and…

3-30-13 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022
Telephone number
Hours of operation
Note: May vary depending on the shop/restaurant

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Shake Shack – Home to a Delicious Vegetarian Burger

Shake Shack is a popular restaurant that was founded in New York, and although they are best known for their milkshakes, they are also known for their 100% beef hamburgers that are hormone-free. You may not know that they also offer a meatless burger as well! Be sure to try the 'Shroom Burger (960 yen, excluding tax).

The 'Shroom Burger started in the US as an alternative to beef, and soon this unique portabello mushroom burger became a popular choice at the restaurant. This juicy burger features portabello mushrooms and three kinds of cheese in a deep-fried shell. The burger is topped with fresh tomatoes, lettuce and jack sauce. The cheese overflows from this burger that is sure to fill you up!

Shake Shack (Shinjuku Southern Terrace)
Address: Odakyu Southern Tower 2F (on the Shinjuku Southern Terrace) 2-2-1 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Hours of Operation: 11:00AM-10:30PM (Last Order – 10:00PM)
Telephone Number: 03-6276-1403
https://www.shakeshack.jp/ (Japanese only)

Location information

Shinjuku Southern Terrace

Shinjuku Southern Terrace is a promenade leading from Shinjuku Station's South Exit toward Yoyogi. Along it and inside Odakyu Southern Tower are 18 establishments, including a hotel, shops and restaur…

Telephone number
Hours of operation
Varies according to the establishment

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With the number of international visitors increasing, Japan is becoming more aware of the dietary needs of people from all over the world. Halal, gluten-free and vegan are all diets that locals have become more aware of in recent years. Though the selection may be limited, what is available is well-made and high-quality. Be on the look out for these restaurant during your trip to Tokyo!