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Getting around Shinjuku Station:
West Exit to South Exit, South Exit to East Exit

Mar 29, 2018

The JR Shinjuku Station platform and rail line basically run in the north-south direction, and the areas around the station can be divided into the West Exit, the East Exit and the South Exit areas. There are a lot of interconnecting passages, which can get confusing. Here are some easy directions on different ways to get from the West Exit to the South Exit, and from the South Exit to the East Exit.

West Exit to South Exit
Convenient with great shopping along the way!
Mosaic Street

Go out of the ground-level West Exit and turn left. Next to Odakyu Department Store is a sloping pedestrian walkway called Mosaic Street. Along this you will pass by Shinjuku Mylord before arriving at the South Exit. (If you cross the street, you can then go to Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal (Busta Shinjuku), Southern Terrace and Takashimaya Times Square.)

A direct connection to the JR Shinjuku Southeast Exit!

Go out of the South Exit, turn left and descend the large stairway at the JR Shinjuku Southeast Exit. Pass by Flags on the left and you will soon arrive at the East Exit.