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Three Free Observation Decks in Shinjuku

Mar 06, 2020

Many skyscrapers are surrounding Shinjuku Station, so it’s natural to feel as if you’ve been swallowed by the big city when you first arrive. Did you know that some of these high-rise buildings have free observation decks so that you can get a bird’s eye view of the city? Stop by one of these decks so you can get a better feel for your surroundings!

If you ask people to name a section of Tokyo that has many skyscrapers, then Shinjuku is likely to be the place that comes up the most. Since the 1970s, the area has been home to high-paced urban development, with the west side featuring many skyscrapers. Many of these buildings offer a lobby with a view of the city from one of the top floors. Keep reading this article to find out about three buildings that provide a beautiful view of the city at night!

Odakyu Manhattan Hills Observation Space (12th floor of the Odakyu Department Store Shinjuku)

First up is the Manhattan Hills Observation Space, located on the 12th floor of the Odakyu Department Store Shinjuku. It’s directly linked to Shinjuku Station, making it an easily accessible first stop on your Shinjuku trip. Get a great view of West Shinjuku and all of the famous buildings in the area, such as Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower.

This little-known space is very relaxed, so it’s the perfect spot to grab some dinner. Since it’s directly accessible from Shinjuku Station, you’ll never have to set foot outside. If you visit Shinjuku on a cold day, you can still get a beautiful view of the city lights from this observation space!

Location information

Odakyu Department Store Shinjuku

This department store is directly connected to Shinjuku Station, the train station with the highest number of passengers in Japan. Featuring a wide lineup of everything from popular cosmetics and luxu…

1-1-3 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Telephone number
Hours of operation
10:00AM-8:30PM Note: May vary according to the floor, day of the week and season.

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Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, 45th Floor

Next up is the can’t-miss Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) Building!

This government building is home to a spacious observation deck on the 45th floor, 202m above ground. If you look at the TMG Building from the outside, then you will notice that there are two towers. Each one of them has a free observation deck, named the South Observatory and the North Observatory, based on which building there are in. Each one has an elevator that links the first floor directly to the observation deck. This time, we went to visit the South Observatory.

When you get off at the 45th floor, you’ll notice lots of tourists! That’s because this is the best place to get a panoramic view of Tokyo, including famous spots like Tokyo Tower and Roppongi Hills. During the daytime, you can see the greenery surrounding Meiji Jingu Shrine. Revel in this chance to see Tokyo from above and admire the intricate details of Tokyo’s many buildings. If you have time, the North Observation Deck offers a slightly different view, so it’s worth checking out both.

Location information

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government is about a 10-minute walk from Shinjuku Station's West Exit. You can see a sweeping panorama of Tokyo from the two free observatories 202 meters off the ground. The d…

2-8-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 163-8001
Telephone number
Observatory phone number 03-5320-7890 (Weekdays 10:00–17:00)
Hours of operation
To get to the observatory, take the observatory elevator in Tokyo Metropolitan Main Building No. 1.
Note: When the government offices are closed

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Shinjuku Nomura Building, 50th Floor

The final observation deck we would like to introduce is the Shinjuku Nomura Building’s 50th floor lobby.

The Shinjuku Nomura Building is one of many office buildings in West Shinjuku. There are many restaurants on the 50th floor, along with a small observation deck. On clear days you can see Mount Fuji, and the city is especially beautiful from here at night. Shinjuku I-land Tower is the closest building to this window, and you can see Nakano from afar.

There are many different restaurants, including Italian and Japanese, on this floor as well, making it a great spot to grab a meal. Enjoy delicious food while on a romantic date with your special someone!

Shinjuku Nomura Building
1-26-2 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Hours of Operation: 7:00AM-11:00PM
Irregular holidays

When you take a trip to Shinjuku, there are many things that you can do without breaking the bank. These three observation decks allow you to see the city for free, so don’t miss them during your time exploring the big city.