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Here’s something to check out right away! What’s third wave coffee all about?

Mar 29, 2018

Shinjuku is serving 3rd wave coffee, a popular way to enjoy coffee on a new level!

This generation in coffee enjoyment is referred to as the “3rd wave.” The 1st was the era of instant coffee from the end of the 19th century to the 1960s. That was followed by the 2nd wave from the 1960s to around the year 2000 when Seattle-based coffee chains exploded in popularity. The 3rd wave is characterized by the careful selection of bean by origin, roasting in-store, and the use of the pour-over method for precision brewing.

Tokyo is an excellent choice for 3rd wave cafés. Here we give some suggestions for 3rd wave coffee drinks that can be found close to Shinjuku Station.


Based in San Francisco on the American West Coast, VERVE COFFEE opened a location last year in NEWoMan Shinjuku, a commercial facility at the Shinjuku Station South Exit. After being purchased from farms around the world, the coffee beans are roasted in California and then quickly shipped by plane to Shinjuku where it is carefully brewed by baristas. Under the concept of “coffee is a fruit,” Verve Roasters delivers fresh java with a fruity aroma.

Address: 2nd Floor, 5-24-55 Sendagaya Shibuya-ku Tokyo
Hours of operation: Everyday, 8:00–22:00


Owned by World Barista Championship winner Paul Bassett, this café is located in the high-rise district of Shinjuku.
Sharing space with an Italian restaurant, Paul Bassett has an atrium-style roof for an open feeling. They roast and grind their coffee in-house.
The menu is filled with interesting drinks. One of the options is the flat white, a favorite in Australia. Once your order is taken, a seasoned barista makes your beverage behind the open counter with carefully created latte art. Watching the process is almost as good as drinking it.
Beyond espresso beverages, PAUL BASSETT has desserts and entrees; so many, in fact, you may have trouble deciding. When out for a stroll in Shinjuku, consider stopping by for a break.

Address: 1−26−2 Nishi Shinjuku, Shinju-ku, Tokyo
Hours of operation:
Monday–Friday: 7:30–20:30
Saturday: 8:00–20:00
Sunday, holidays: 9:00–19:00


Read “All Seasons Coffee,” this café is located close to Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden. Offering coffee from carefully selected beans, this coffee shop has a simple, relaxed interior.
Get genuine pour over. They also sell carefully selected single-origin beans that have been roasted in house. The top recommendation is Perla Negra, a micro-lot bean that comes from the Las Lajas Farm in Costa Rica and that is specially produced and processed only in small quantities. Their desserts, which are made daily, are also popular.
As they have a large foreign clientele, the 4/4 SEASONS COFFEE has an English menu and all employees speak English. The atmosphere is low-key. When near the Shinjuku Gyoen National Park, stop in for some java!

Address: 2-7-7 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Hours of operation:
Monday–Friday: 8:00–20:00
Weekends, holidays: 10:00–19:00
Closed: Tuesday

Blue Bottle Coffee – Shinjuku

Known as a driving force behind the coffee boom, Blue Bottle Coffee landed in Japan two years ago and its popularity has not waned. This location is their 3rd in Japan and can be found in the popular NEWoMan shopping complex. You can have excellent Blue Bottle Coffee without going all the way to Kiyosumi-Shirakawa.
Since their founding, Blue Bottle Coffee has adhered rigidly to their core principle of selling coffee within 48 hours of roasting. When brewing, their coffee is made by pour over, 1 cup at a time. They also sell beans to go, which make great gifts for others or for yourself to brew at home.
Yet another excellent example demonstrating the attractions of 3rd wave coffee. Easy to get to, the Blue Bottle Coffee Shinjuku shop is a great place to drop in between the office and shopping.

Address: 4-1-6 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Hours of operation: Everyday, 8:00–21:30