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Take a Break at Tajima-ya Coffee House!

Oct 03, 2019

Hidden in the corner of West Shinjuku is Tajima-ya Coffee House, a cafe that encompasses the spirit of Japanese retro.

Tajima-ya Coffee House was founded in 1964, the same year that the first Tokyo Olympics took place, and was renovated in 1987. You can feel the 50-year history and tradition of this coffee house that has become a fixture of Shinjuku. Escape from the noise of the big city and enjoy a few quiet moments in this coffee house. You’re sure to enjoy the small details!

Detail #1 – Hand-Roasted Coffee Beans

Tajima-ya Coffee House’s coffee uses specially selected fresh beans from all over the world. The flavor of each country’s coffee is brought out using a specially made machine that roasts the beans over an open flame for the best taste.

The lengths that they go to pay off, as the coffee has a bitterness that is balanced out by a light sweetness for a taste that will linger in your memory. Thanks to the roasting methods, the coffee has a rich body and uniqueness taste that is both satisfying and deep. They have 16 of the best coffees to choose from, so stop by to have a cup of joe unlike anything else.

Detail #2 - Unique Coffee Cups

As your coffee is being hand-brewed with fresh coffee beans, a coffee cup that the staff feels suits the customer will be selected from over 100 cups. Of course, the aroma and taste will be great no matter the cup, but the cup will give you your very own personalized break time.

Detail #3 – Specially Made Coffee Desserts

While Tajima-ya Coffee House offers many kinds of coffee, they also have cake and sweets as well. The coffee zenzai, a Japanese dessert, is especially recommended. Hand-drip coffee that has been made into a jelly that captures the flavor of the drink. The bitter aroma goes well with the deep soybean flour and the sweet whipped cream. The dessert is topped with chunky red bean paste, so you can experience many different flavors and textures in this one dish. Overall, it’s a balanced dessert that’s not overly sweet. If you are looking to sweeten it up, you can add Tajima-ya’s homemade brown sugar syrup to it!

Though Shinjuku is filled with trendy shops, there are still traditional cafés hidden in the city. Take a break at one and experience peace that you thought you couldn’t find amongst the neon lights. Rest your feet at Tajima-ya Coffee House!

Tajima-ya Coffee House
Address: 1-2-6 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku, Tokyo
Hours of Operation: 10:00AM-11:00PM (Last order 10:30PM)
Phone Number: 03-3342-0881