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Try Authentic Taiwanese Cuisine in Shinjuku at Shiimen Shokubo!

Jul 29, 2019

Recently, bubble tea is extremely popular in Japan, so much so that we covered it last year. This drink originated in Taiwan, which has led to an overall interest in the country’s cuisine. Today we would like to introduce you to Shiimen Shokubo, an authentic Taiwanese restaurant in Shinjuku. Take this opportunity to learn about Taiwanese cuisine beyond bubble tea!

Lunchtime is an Especially Great Time to Go!

Shiimen Shokubo is a 3-minute walk from the West Exit of Shinjuku station and specializes in Taiwanese dishes such as Xiaolongbao dumplings, rice porridge, and minced pork rice.

This restaurant is a long rectangular shape decorated with Taiwanese décor. You can relax in this casual space and try authentic Taiwanese cuisine that is carefully made by experienced chefs.

The lunchtime exclusive handmade Xiaolongbao dumpling lunch, dim sum lunch, and the minced pork rice lunch are very popular. These lunches also some with an almond jelly dessert, which is sure to leave you feeling satisfied.

Try All Kinds of Taiwanese Cuisine

Next time you want to have some bubble tea, why don’t you have a Taiwanese meal beforehand? Lunch at Shiimen Shokubo is reasonably priced and delicious, so check it out!

Shiimen Shokubo
Address: Shinjuku Plus One Building 2F 7-11-16 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Opening Hours:
Monday-Saturday, National Holidays, Days before National Holidays - 11:30AM-3:00PM (Last order for food at 2:30PM), 5:30PM-11:00PM (Last order for food at 10:10PM, last order for drinks at 10:30PM)
*The restaurant may close early if there are not enough ingredients left to make the dishes
*You cannot make a reservation for lunch
Telephone Number: 03-3227-0120