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Stop by Tower Vinyl Shinjuku for All Your Record Needs!

Mar 26, 2020

Music lovers already know that the trend among young people these days is vinyl records. Although it’s easy to listen to streaming services on your phone or computer, the unique, warm sounds that come from record players is one that can’t be matched. The large jacket art is also eye-catching! These days vinyl records are making a big comeback thanks to their dedicated fanbase.

Tower Records is a music store that was founded in America and came to Japan in 1979 and has since become known as a chain where you can find all kinds of CDs. In March 2019, Tower Records’ first record shop, Tower Vinyl Shinjuku, opened. The amount of records available in the big, open space makes it a spot that you can’t miss. Keep reading to find out more about this new Shinjuku hot spot!

A Bright and Spacious Store

Tower Vinyl Shinjuku aims to be a place with a vast selection where everyone is welcome. Anyone from hard-core record collectors to those looking to buy their first vinyl is welcome to come and look through their collection. Enjoy searching for, finding, and experiencing music and in this new and expansive space.

This large 561 square meter space is almost unheard of in Japan, and the glass windows only add to the wide-open and bright atmosphere of the shop. Take your time digging through the records as you listen to some music playing from the large vintage speakers set up in the space. The shop is big enough so you can come with your whole family and even bring a stroller with you. Anyone can find music that they love at this shop!

An Unrivaled Selection

Tower Vinyl Shinjuku boasts 70,000 records (not including classical records) spanning all genres, with 40,000 being second-hand. They specialize in rock and soul records, with everything from popular offerings to rare import editions available. New records include the latest albums, reissues, and limited editions. They are especially proud of their imported record and indie record selection! There are record players on-site, so you can listen to pre-owned records to check the sound before you buy.

Visitors for overseas often stop by to hunt for city pop records. City pop is a style of Japanese music that originated in the 80s that has recently been gaining traction overseas thanks to tracks like Plastic Love by Mariya Takeuchi. You can find records from her as well as other city pop acts such as her husband Tatsuro Yamashita, Anri, and Taeko Onuki. These records are something that you can’t easily find overseas. Vinyl records of the latest Japanese music are also available for those who want to listen to the latest music in a retro format. There are more and more people who like to do this.

Anybody is welcome to peruse the vast selection at Tower Vinyl Shinjuku. They offer not only records but a variety of analog record players and assorted equipment, original apparel, and other small souvenirs. If you’ve never listened to music on vinyl before, then we recommend taking a stop at Tower Vinyl Shinjuku!

Tower Vinyl Shinjuku
Flags 10F, 3-37-1 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Hours of Operation: 11:00AM-11:00PM
Closed when the Flags Department Store is closed