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Enjoy the Nightlife on a Tour of Shimokitazawa, a Town Filled with Personality!

Nov 13, 2018

When you come to Tokyo for sightseeing, it’s a bit of a waste to only visit the usual tourist spots! However, if you can’t speak Japanese it is hard to enjoy your time at places that locals frequent. Times like this are when it is handy to have a knowledgeable tour guide help you out! In this article, we would like to introduce you to the Shimokitazawa Local Neighborhood Walk and Bar Hopping Tour, organized by Odakyu and Ellista.

First, we met up with the guide at the North Exit of Shimokitazawa Station. The guide told us that although Shimokitazawa is now known for its theaters, retro clothing stores and concert halls, after the war ended it used to be a black market.

Checking Out Hidden Spots in Shimokitazawa

If you’re looking to experience how Japan was during the Showa period, then Suzunari Alley is a great place to start! This “alley” is directly connected to a theater. When you walk down the alley, you can see unique bars and “snack bars” where you can sing karaoke and chat with beautiful women. These bars haven’t changed much since the Showa period – you’ll feel as if you’ve gone back in time!

On the opposite end of Suzunari Alley is a serene church. It doesn’t have the same grand ambiance as a regular church, but is rather relaxed. There was even cute graffiti on the walls! The mood here is Shimokitazawa is a nutshell.

A Quick Snack Before Continuing to the Tour

After finding some great items at a second-hand clothing shop that was formerly a sento bathhouse, we walked a bit more to this donuts shop where they sell healthy donuts. This was a great place to take a break!

The donuts were freshly made, so they were still warm. The crispy outside and fluffy inside was delightful!

Next we headed to Flash Disc Ranch, and record shop located on the second floor of a building. There were a ton of records for sale, all at great prices!

Time for Dinner and a Drink!

We were getting a bit hungry, so we headed to Mother, a restaurant and bar that has been open for 40 years.

The stones and glass that are laid out throughout the restaurant give this space an otherworldly ambiance. Why don’t you sit back and enjoy their original cocktail called Mori that has a great ginger flavor.

They have an English menu with pictures, so it’s easy to order!

Experience Shimokitazawa's Nightlife

On this tour, we really felt that Shimokitzawa is a place where many different cultures intermingle. This is the perfect town to grab a drink and walk around at night. The guide took us to places that non-native Japanese speakers might feel a bit shy about going to alone. We can safely say that a guided tour of Shimokitazawa is a great addition to any traveler’s itinerary!

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