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Send Your Loved Ones an Autumn Greeting from Japan!

Oct 10, 2019

When is the last time you received a hand-written greeting card?

These days, it is much more common to receive messages via text or e-mail. However, the warmth that radiates from hand-written messages is unmatched. Japan has a special focus on the changing seasons, and there are special times when hand-written greetings are sent including New Year’s, winter, mid-summer, and late summer. These greetings express your gratitude for people’s friendship and also allow you to keep in contact with those who live far away.

The greeting cards available in Japan change with the seasons. The world of greeting cards extends far beyond ones that simply open! Choose from cute cards and stylish cards, as well as ones that turn into a three-dimensional pop-up and those with sounds and lights. In this article, we will be introducing you to greeting cards with fall designs. While cards featuring the autumn leaves are common, we will also introduce you to unique cards that feature items that are reminiscent of autumn in Japan. Pick up one of these cards and send them to your loved ones!

Fall Colors and Mount Fuji Pop-Up Card

First up is a card that perfectly captures autumn in Japan. The name of this card is “Mount Fuji and Fall Colors Scenery”. Mount Fuji is surrounded by red and orange leaves that are laser-cut with precision. You’ll find many small details to love in the card.

This is a great card to keep in your room as a fall decoration.

Card Information:
Manufacturer: Hallmark Japan
Size: 168 mm (width) x 112 mm (height)
Price (including tax): 495 yen

Sweet Potato Pop-Up Card

Though there are a lot of foods in Japan that are thought of as “fall foods”, sweet potatoes are one of the most popular. This pop-up card features the tasty treat. You can almost smell the sweet scent of the potatoes from this realistic card! The bag that the potatoes are in makes them seem as if they are fresh out of the oven. This card will add a fall feeling you any room.

Card Information
Manufacturer: Sanrio
Size: 110 mm (width) x 5 mm (depth) x 165 mm (height)
Price (including tax): 385 yen

Gingko Tree Pop-Up Card

Gingko trees are a symbol of fall in Tokyo, and you can see many of them in the metropolitan area. This pop-up card features a dog and a brilliant gold gingko tree.

The tall gingko tree is on a thick carpet of yellow leaves. If you want to say hello from Tokyo, this is an excellent card!

Card Information:
Manufacturer: Sanrio
Size: 130 mm (width) x 5 mm (depth) x 228 mm (height)
Price (including tax): 550 yen

Fall Colors and the Moon, a Pop-Up Melody Card

This last greeting card has everything! The lantern and full moon featured in this pop-up melody card capture the mood of an autumn night.

Push the button at the top and the sounds of an autumn night will play, along with the lantern and moon lighting up. This detailed night scene will is a great way to welcome autumn!

Card Information:
Manufacturer: Sanrio
Size: 120 mm (width) x 10 mm (depth) x 168 mm (height)
Price (including tax): 1,540 yen

Even if you contact your loved ones via social media, why not try sending a message via mail once and awhile? There are many beautiful cards to choose from, which can be wonderful conversation starters. The person who receives the card is sure to be happy when they receive this special card from Japan!