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Trains, a Popular Shop That’s Not Just for Train Lovers!

Jun 25, 2018

Trains, a Popular Shop That’s not Just for Train Lovers!

Locally made specialty products, famous sweets and cosmetics are without question the most popular products for people visiting Japan. However, you may feel that something a bit more creative is up your alley. If so, check out Trains, a shop run by Odakyu.

In front of Odakyu West Exit's underground ticket gate in Shinjuku Station is Trains, easily recognizable by its orange sign. As you would expect from the name, the shop sells products relating to trains and railroads. In addition to model trains (mainly for train collectors), the shop is filled with a variety of great products, many made especially for Trains, that are excellent for people just discovering how interesting trains are from their experiences in Japan.

According to the friendly employees, keychains with Shinjuku, Odawara and other station names are popular among visitors from overseas, as are pass cases and chopsticks that incorporate the Romancecar’s design.

To commemorate your trip, a memento bearing the name of the location you visited or decorated with the design of the train you rode makes a great souvenir.

At Trains, you can also find products commemorating the debut of the new Romancecar GSE. They also have a craft train, great for spending quality time with your children (English assembly instructions included!), fine-quality business card holders, and towels and bento lunchboxes that incorporate the Romancecar GSE design. Whether for personal use or as a gift, Trains is stocked with loads of great things that kids and adults alike will enjoy.

And one more important thing before we wrap this article up: these products are not available for sale on the Romancecar, even at the on-board service counters. They are available exclusively at the Odakyu Goods Shop Trains. If you are looking for practical and well-designed train products, then stop by! You’re sure to find something to commemorate your trip on Odakyu's Romancecar.