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Japanese-Style Indian Curry is a Unique Souvenir!

Mar 30, 2020

Shinjuku Nakamura-ya is a well-known candy and bread manufacturer and retailer. This unique company has 160 direct sellers in department stores and directly manages 20 restaurants. They are especially well known for canned curry, a retro way of packing the instant dish that is usually found in retort pouches today. Nakamura-ya is said to be the company that helped curry become a mainstay of Japanese cuisine.

Shinjuku Nakamura-ya is currently selling Indian curry in retort pouches that are said to bring the flavor of the original dish to your home. This dish has been served in Shinjuku Nakamura-ya restaurants since 1913, and the cooking method, taste, and amount of ingredients in the original recipe have been recreated in this retort curry pouch. All you need to do is boil the bag, and you’re ready to eat! We tried three of the flavors available in the Indian Curry line. Each one has its own strengths, so keep reading to find the Indian and Japanese collaboration that suits your palate the best!

Spicy Chicken

First up the Spicy Chicken flavor. The back of the box says that the onions and other vegetables have been thoroughly stir-fried, the grilled chicken has a strong umami flavor, and that the original blend of spices is in perfect harmony. We can’t wait to get eating!

When we opened the pouch, the fragrance of the spices hit us. Upon the first bite, the curry was indeed a bit spicy, but the more we ate, the more used to the flavor we got, and our appetite for the dish grew. The spices were indeed in perfect harmony! The big chunks of chicken inside were delicious and made us feel as if we were eating homemade curry.

Grilled Beef

The chunks of grilled beef in this curry were deliciously prepared. Several types of fruits and vegetables and an original blend of spices were used to make the curry base. The deep flavor with a strikingly sharp spiciness took us by surprise!

We could feel the authentic spiciness of this dish from the first bite! It certainly felt like real Indian curry. We felt that it was spicier than the spicy chicken curry – in fact, it was the first instant curry that we had that was this spicy! It's worth noting that the beef tasted great and went well with the spiciness.

Rich Beef

The box for the Rich Beef Indian Curry said that the beef is filled with umami flavor and that onions and lentils were broiled in this curry for a deep, yet sweet, flavor. Dairy and cashew nuts were also added to give the curry an especially deep taste.

This curry was great! If you’re not a fan of spicy flavors, then the Rich Beef Indian Curry is for you. This had a mild yet rich taste that was slightly acidic. It was nowhere near as spicy as the other two flavors in this lineup. The beef and potatoes found in this retort curry were very tasty.

After trying three flavors in Shinjuku Nakamura-ya’s Indian Curry series, we can say that each of them is truly unique. Even though they are instant, it still felt as if we were eating out at a restaurant. There are many other types of curry that Shinjuku Nakamura-ya offers, so keep an eye out for them!