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Public Art – Shinjuku Edition

Jun 19, 2018

Experience Art Free of Charge!

Though Shinjuku is known for its many places to go shopping, a walk through the area reveals an amazing array of public artwork. Here are a few near Shinjuku Station that we have selected to get you started.

The Love Statue

This is one of the many versions of Love located around the world. Created by the pop artist Robert Indiana, this statue inevitably draws attention from passers-by. This objet d'art is commonly used in the backdrop of Japanese dramas and other television programs. It is also a popular location to meet up when going out on a date.

Location: Next to the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly North Intersection in front of Shinjuku I-Land Tower [Google Map]

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The Love Statue

This objet d’art decorates the entrance to Shinjuku I-Land Tower. Created by Robert Indiana who began work on this piece in 1995, this popular piece is often featured in TV shows. The sense of separat…

6-5-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku
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7:00–23:00 (building hours)

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Hand of Peace

Towering nearly four meters in height, this giant statue of a hand making a peace sign was created by Japanese sculptor Keimu Kamata. Installed in 2017, this new addition to the art scene may very well become as popular for taking pictures as The Love State is. On your next trip to Shinjuku, be sure to check out this tribute to peace along with the tribute to love.

Location: Outside Shinjuku Center Building [Google Map]

Unghia e Marmo (Fingernail and Marble)

Created by the Italian sculptor Giuseppe Penone, this piece of art is indeed in the shape of a fingernail. The marble and glass rising from the water creates a peaceful and serene mood.

Location: Courtyard inside Shinjuku I-Land Tower [Google Map]

Tokyo Brushstroke I, Tokyo Brushstroke II

These colorful objets d'art are creations of Roy Lichtenstein, an artist that represents the Pop Art movement along with Andy Warhol. As per the titles, these works depict a brushstroke and it seems you can feel the rhythm of the brush sweeping over the canvas.

Location: Along Ome Kaido Road near Shinjuku I-Land Tower [Google Map]

We hope you enjoyed this tour! Next time you come to Shinjuku to see the sights, we hope you will take some time to enjoy the art made by these famous artists.