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Head to Odakyu Department Store’s Depachika for Excellent Food and Souvenirs!

Aug 09, 2018

In Japanese, “Depachika” is short for “Department store basement”, something that may not sound especially appealing to people from western countries. However, it is common for department stores in Tokyo to have makeshift food markets in their basements. These markets have everything from raw ingredients, to bento box lunches to snacks from all over Japan.

If you’re looking for any kind of food or food-based souvenir, the depachika is the place to go. Even if you’re not looking to buy anything, it’s fun just to take a walk and see the wide variety of food on sale. In this article, we would like to introduce you to two customizable bento box lunches that are for sale in the basement of the Odakyu Department Store, accessible directly from Shinjuku Station.

Eat What You Want with a Customizable Chinese-Style Bento Box Lunch!

First up is Xie Xie Tokyo. You can customize your own bento box lunch by choosing your desired amount of whichever dishes you would like. You can make it as much of a balanced or unbalanced lunch as you want!

For example, if you choose the Regular Pack (3 dishes), you can choose one main dish, one side dish and one staple dish (rice, noodles etc.). Once you’ve decided how many dishes you would like in your bento box, choose your favorites from the showcase!

Main dishes mainly consist of hearty meat-based options, whereas side dishes are made with fresh vegetables, and there are usually 7 options available. The staple dishes offered are not only the standard options of white rice or rice with mixed grains, but also Chinese-style rice porridge and fried noodles. You can also choose fried rice for an additional 100 yen!

Xie Xie Tokyo Regular Pack (3 dishes)
Top left: staple dish, top right: main dish, front: side dish

Located in the B2 level of the Shinjuku Odakyu Department Store, in the deli and bento box area.

Customize Your Own Rotisserie Chicken Bento

The next customizable bento box lunch we would like to introduce is sold at The Chicken Market. As the name indicates, this shop specializes in chicken dishes. When you approach the booth, the delicious fragrance is sure to make your mouth water. The showcase features chicken dishes from all over the world.

This time we ordered their customizable rotisserie chicken bento. The garlic and paprika flavoring of the chicken went perfectly with the rice lightly cooked in butter – this combination is addictive! You can also add some of their sauce to try out a different flavor. This bento is big, so it is perfect for when you’re very hungry!

The Chicken Market Rotisserie Chicken Bento Box, 1,080 yen

Located in the B2 level of the Shinjuku Odakyu Department Store, in the deli and bento lunch area.

Buy Some Treats for Friends Back Home!

There are not only places that sell bento boxes, but also shops that sell souvenirs as well, so it’s the perfect place to buy your lunch and do some light shopping! Be sure to stop by the basement of the Odakyu Department Store!

*The bento boxes introduced in this article only sell a limited number each day, so please understand that they may be sold out.
*The boxes and bowls shown in the images in this article may differ from the actual product.
*The prices listed in this article include tax
*Please check the latest articles to see what services and products are available, and to check the latest prices.

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