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A Giant Cat Has Appeared in Shinjuku?! Check Out the Cross Shinjuku Vision 3D Screen!

Aug 27, 2021

Shinjuku Station has been certified by Guinness as the station with the most commuters in the world. In front of this bustling station, a giant calico cat has appeared, making waves in Japan and overseas!

If you visit the square outside of Shinjuku Station’s East Exit and look up, you’ll see a giant cat on the top floor of one of the buildings meowing in your direction! If this were a real giant cat in Shinjuku, it would cause a great panic! Don't worry, though – the calico cat is actually a 3D video being played on the huge Cross Shinjuku Vision screen on the roof of the Cross Shinjuku building. It looks pretty realistic, with its shape and cat-like movements very close to the real thing.

How can this cat move so realistically? The reason is the curved screen that is perfect for 3D videos. The 150m² Cross Shinjuku Vision screen is the only giant screen in Japan suitable for playing 4K video quality. The screen where videos are shown is curved, giving it a sense of depth so it can display 3D videos in a way traditional flat screens can't. The 3D calico cat video is now playing for demonstration purposes.

The cute 3D calico cat has three patterns, and you can see different unique animations depending on when you visit. In the morning, it wakes up; in the afternoon, it stands and meows; at night, it starts to fall asleep. Sometimes it looks around, sometimes it changes its position, and even in the ever-busy square outside of Shinjuku Station's East Exit, people stop and gaze at the adorable creature. This cat is bringing new energy to the city after it was struck by the pandemic.

If you have the chance to visit Shinjuku in the future, you may be able to see an even more amazing 3D video!

One minute from Shinjuku Station’s East Exit
Video runs from 7:00AM-1:00AM (There is no sound after 12:00AM)