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Feast at this Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland-themed Christmas Dessert Buffet!

Nov 18, 2019

The bottle marked “Drink Me” that the protagonist of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland drinks shrinks her down in size. What would happen if this character visited a land filled with Christmas ornaments?

If you visit the Marble Lounge on the first floor of Hilton Tokyo between Friday, November 15, 2019, and Wednesday, December 25, 2019, then you can check out Alice’s Kawaii Christmas Tea Party Dessert Buffet. The dessert buffet will be happening every day during the event period!

Step Into Wonderland

During the Halloween season, the Alice in Rose Labyrinth Dessert Buffet took place. This Christmas Dessert Buffet is the second half of the Hilton's Alice-themed event. The lounge is decorated just like the inside of a toy box, with over 30 new varieties of sweet and savory pastries waiting for you. Enjoy 20 types of drinks, including 10 selections from Ronnefeldt, a well-known tea brand from Germany, while enjoying a short violin concert.

30 Different Selections

Let’s see what desserts are waiting for you at this buffet! First up is the famous “Drink Me” mentioned at the start of the article. Orange, lemon, cinnamon and anise are added to red wine to make the It’s Christmas – Drink Me hot wine.

Waiting gracefully on the buffet table is the spectacular Queen of Heart’s Stuffed Ornament Cake with honey-glazed peaches and almonds hidden inside its Nougat de Montélimar body with red and black chocolate powder decorating the top. There are even more cakes available, such as the Do You Like Stripes and Dots? mousse cake.

Standard strawberry cake is also available, under the thematic name Christmas Shortcake a la Alice.

Whole cakes aren't the only type of sweets available! Don’t miss the masterfully crafted miniature cakes and pastries. There are sweets shaped like mini Christmas trees, vividly colored macarons, the traditional German Christmas cake Kouglof, eclairs and other baked sweets available.

If you are unable to make it to the mid-afternoon event , you can try a selection of 10 desserts from the event as part of a set plan with other Hilton restaurants. You can find these sweets during lunchtime at the Chinese restaurant Dynasty, lunch/brunch at the Metropolitan Grill, and during the dinner buffet at the Marble Lounge. Why not try them after your meal?

Take your family and friends with you to this fanciful buffet and make special Christmas memories!

Alice’s Kawaii Christmas Tea Party Dessert Buffet Information:
Location: Marble Lounge (First floor of Hilton Tokyo)
6-6-2 Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Dates: Friday, November 15th to Wednesday, December 25th
1) 2:30PM-5:00PM
2) 3:00PM-5:30PM
*There is a two and a half hour time limit

Monday to Friday - 3,800 yen for adults, 2,400 yen for children aged 4-12
Saturdays, Sundays and National Holidays – 3,950 yen for adults, 2,500 yen for children aged 4 to 12
*Tax and service fees are not included

Marble Lounge reservation website:

*A selection of the Alice’s Kawaii Christmas Tea Party are also offered at the following restaurants:
Dynasty reservation website:

Metropolitan Grill reservation website:

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