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Try Shrimp-Based Ramen Made to Order!

Sep 11, 2018

Office workers, known colloquially as “salarymen” in Japanese, are known for going drinking after work. It is not uncommon to see a group of people dressed in office clothing wandering around Shinjuku around midnight. Before heading home, it is common to finish the night with a bowl of ramen. The warm soup and familiar taste is comforting before catching the last train home and heading to bed.

Due to the high concentration of office workers, Shinjuku is regarded as a battlefield for ramen shops. Today, I will introduce you to a shop popular among salarymen, a group that really knows their ramen.

Ebisoba Ichigen Shinjuku

Salarymen love Ebisoba Ichigen, a shop famous for its unique shrimp and miso ramen. I promise that you will love the flavor as soon as you try their rich soup.

Turn right from the West Exit of Odakyu Shinjuku Station. You should see a UNIQLO along the way. Cross the street and keep heading straight…

Two or three minutes later, you will find a Tully’s Coffee on your left hand side. Turn left and then go right at the first fork in the road. You will then see Ebisoba Ichigen!

I visited at 9PM so there was no line-up, but if you come around lunch or dinner time you will probably have to wait.

How to Buy a Ticket

Like the shop introduced in the previous article, Ichigen also uses a ticket vending machine.

First, decide if you would like thick noodles (太麺 - the buttons on the top half of the vending machine, as seen in the picture above) or thin noodles (細麺 - the buttons on the bottom half of the vending machine).

Next, choose from three flavors - “Shrimp and Salt Ramen” (the white buttons on the vending machine), “Shrimp and Soy Sauce Ramen” (the black buttons on the vending machine) and “Shrimp and Miso Ramen” (the red buttons on the vending machine).

Finally, you can adjust the flavor of the soup as you like.
そのまま (Sonomama) = Original flavor (This option is the first row of buttons)
ほどほど (Hodo Hodo)= Add tonkotsu (pork based) soup (This option is the second row of buttons)
あじわい (Ajiwai) = Add a lot of tonkotsu (pork based) soup (This option is the third row of buttons)

When you have decided what options you would like, put your money in the ticket vending machine and push the button that corresponds with what you would like. Take your ticket and head to your seat – the staff will come and confirm your order!

Trying the Ramen

Although the “Shrimp and Salt Ramen” is staff’s recommendation, I chose the “Original Shrimp and Miso Ramen with Thin Noodles”. The shop smelled so good that I was waiting in anticipation for my order.

There are only bar seats in the shop. You can peer into the kitchen and see the ramen chef in action while you are waiting! The signatures from famous people on the wall show how popular this Ramen shop is!

A few minutes later, I was served. The ramen smelled so good! I could not wait to try it. The rich soup with barbecued pork, fresh green onions and soft boiled egg really hit the spot! I was very satisfied with my meal.

Ebisoba Ichigen’s ramen is made with fresh shrimp, stewed for many hours to make sure that the delicate flavors of the shrimp have totally come out in the soup. The red ginger fried in shrimp oil adds a flavor to the soup that makes it remarkably well-structured.

Although I am not a fan of pork based soup, I still think the soup here is too delicious to pass up. If you like the flavor of shrimp, you must check out this shop!

Shop: Ebisoba Ichigen Shinjuku
Address: 7-8-2, Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 160-0023
Open: 11:00AM-11:00PM (closed on Wednesdays)

Although there are tons of ramen shops in Shinjuku, this one is a favorite among salarymen for a reason! Be sure to check it out.