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Depart from Shinjuku and Take a Private Tour of a Neighborhood on the Odakyu Line!

Apr 03, 2020

When planning your trip to Japan, it’s necessary to do your research in advance. However, if you can’t read Japanese, then you’ll have to relegate yourself to places that have already been well-publicized in guidebooks and online. Why not leave the preparations to someone else and book a tour to a spot off the beaten path? Keep reading to find out more about private tours taking place along the Odakyu Line.

Professional Tours in Local Neighborhoods

Otomo Tours is running tours along the Odakyu Line that make sure to capture the appeal of the area. For example, the theme of the Enoshima tour is the anime Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai, which takes place in the area. If anime isn’t your thing, there are also tours focusing on indigo dying, visiting traditional Japanese folkhouses, and even more! The experienced tour guides will help you find something that you can enjoy, just ask. They are there to support you by guiding you through the backstreets and translating and interpreting the information that you need. This will make your trip super easy!

Our Tour of Gotokuji

The Shinjuku Guide staff took a walking tour of Gotokuji with Otomo Tours. This four-hour-long course was a comprehensive look at the Setagaya residential area. First up was the famous Gotoku-ji Temple, a place known for having a large number of lucky cat statues. Though these statues can be found at many locations in Japan, this temple boasts thousands of them! The sheer number of them has helped this sleepy temple become a world-renowned photo spot. Visiting here is sure to bring you some luck!

After the temple, the next stop was a historical folk house in Setagaya Ward with a thatched roof. During the Bakumatsu era, this folkhouse was a shrine for the God of education. This folkhouse is a relatively unknown spot, so we felt that we were able to see a side of Japan that not many people can. We were also able to stop and eat some delicious local treats along the way! The guide explained everything to us in detail, so we could trust what he was saying.

Learn more about Japan from the locals. There are tours in many areas along the Odakyu Line, such as Kamakura, Shinjuku and Hakone. Leave part of your trip to the professionals and book a private tour today!

Visit https://otomo-travel.com/en/s/odakyu/#Top for details.