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Explore These 3 Craft Beer Bars Along the Odakyu Line

Mar 28, 2019

In recent years, craft beer has become popular worldwide. There are a lot of places where you can try craft beer in Shinjuku as well. In this article, we are going to introduce you to three craft beer shops along the Odakyu Line, a train line that departs from Shinjuku Station. Make the easy trip and have a good time at these shops!

YYG Brewery & Beer Kitchen, a Sparkling New Facility with Snacks and Craft Beer

YYG Brewery & Beer Kitchen is in an area filled with office buildings a 5-minute walk from Minami-Shinjuku Station on the Odakyu Line or an 8-minute walk from the South Exit of Shinjuku Station. When you pass through the stylish terrace and set foot in the white-walled space, the sparkling new brewing equipment is sure to catch your eye.

You have the chance to try beer brewed at YYG, as well as “guest beers” from both in and out of Japan. The cash on delivery (pay when you order) system allows you to easily stop by, even if you only want one pint.

The seventh floor of the shop is a restaurant where you can enjoy dining. You can get an overview of the busy city from the window in this relaxing space. Enjoy a view of Shinjuku at night while spending time with your loved ones.

Y.Y.G. Brewery & Beer Kitchen
Ohchu Daiichi Building, 2-18-3 Yoyogi Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Goto Jozo, a Cute Bar Hidden in a Residential Area

Next up is Goto Jozo, a bar in a good location, only a 3-minute walk from Kyodo Station on the Odakyu Line.

At Goto Jozo, you can try beer made by a husband and wife team who graduated from the Tokyo University of Agriculture. This “freshly made beer” brewed with specially selected ingredient is only 500 yen per glass!

Their top recommendation is the Keito Ale, an American-style pale ale. This beer is known for its light fragrance and slight bitterness. You’re sure to fall in love at the first glass!

There is also a wide selection of food available as well.

As the brewery is set up inside the shop, you can see the owners and staff brewing the beer in-shop.

If you’re looking for a unique homemade beer, make your way to Goto Jozo!

Goto Jozo
Keito OK Court 1F, 2-14-3 Keito, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

If you like Craft Beer and Music, You Have to Check Out Riot Beer!

Riot Beer is a micro-brewery nestled in a residential area only a 6-minute walk from Soshigaya-Okura Station on the Odakyu Line. Take your time and enjoy freshly brewed beer here.

This time, we tried Stray Cats, a porter with a roasted aroma and dark coloring that has a refreshing aftertaste. The shop owner recommends Cherub Rock, a beer that has a honey-like flavor without any bitterness. Even though this beer does not use any honey, you will think that the fragrance and sweetness drawn out of the yeast is honey. This beer is easy to drink and has minimal bitterness.

The shop owner loves music and soccer, so most of the beer names are taken from those two hobbies! There is always music playing in the bar, and the occasional acoustic live also takes place.

Address: Ando Mansion 1F, 5-11-10 Kinuta, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
See their Facebook page for hours of operation

If you come to Tokyo for sightseeing, be sure to take a trip on the Odakyu Line to discover craft beer bars all over the city!