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Shinjuku Guide Flashback – What Were the Best Chocomint Snacks of 2019?

May 28, 2020

Since 2018, chocolate mint flavored sweets and candies have been a staple of Japan’s seasonal snack rotation. Last year, the Shinjuku Guide team did a taste test of eleven of the chocomint treats on the market. Let’s take a look back at the countdown of the best chocomint snacks of 2019. Many of them should be available this year too, so keep an eye out at your favorite online Japanese snack retailers!

#11 - Mister Itou's Chocochip Cookies Mint

Mister Itou cookies are often found in supermarkets and also come in chocomint flavor during the season. These bite-sized cookies are the right size, however, they are not very minty nor chocolatey. The best thing about these cookies is the low price point.

#10 - Chocomint Koeda

Morinaga’s famous Koeda chocolates are available in chocomint flavor this year too. The mint flavor is not so strong, and the packaging is too cute to pass up. The chocolate sticks include almonds, wheat puffs, and rice puffs, so they have a nice crunch to them! If you like your chocomint with more chocolate than mint, then these are perfect for you, as they have been designated as “Mint Level 1” on Morinaga’s scale.

#9 - White Mint Country Ma’am

These cookies come in a rare “white mint” flavor, and there are both mini chocolate chips and mint chips in the cookies for a rich yet refreshing flavor. They’re tasty just as they are, but they also taste good cooled in the refrigerator as well!

#8 - Choco Mint Pocky

You can already taste the refreshing mint flavor of these treats just by looking at the packaging! This Pocky has a light sweetness and has just the right level of mintiness. The cookie stick used is a bit thicker than regular Pocky, so if you’re a fan you’re sure to enjoy the different texture!

#7 - Chocomint Candy

There is some powder inside of this candy, which is a unique touch, and it is quite minty, however, you can’t taste the chocolate cookie bits also found inside. It’s less of a chocomint treat and more of a regular mint one.

#6 - Blanchul (Chocomint Flavor)

Everyone on staff liked the Blanchul chocomint cookie and chocolate snack. The crispy lang de chat cookies sandwiching the mint-flavored chocolate were so popular we couldn’t stop eating them!

#5 - Mochi Mochi Chocolat (Chocomint Flavor)

If you’re looking to bring back Japan-exclusive candy as a souvenir, then Mochimochi Chocolat is the perfect thing! Inside the soft mochi shell is mint flavored ganache chocolate. A pick is included to you can cut the chocolate in half to eat it, or stab the entire ball and eat it whole. While people from western countries may feel that this chocolate’s texture is a bit too unique, our editor from Shanghai enjoyed this one.

#4 - Peach Mint Kit Kat

The most well-known Japanese chocolate may be the various flavors of Kit Kats that are put out. While Kit Kats in the west generally only come in the traditional milk chocolate flavor, Japanese Kit Kats are available in all kinds of flavors. There are five flavors in the regular lineup (three of which are matcha-based), as well as limited-time flavors and regional exclusives. Nestle’s limited-time offerings to the chocomint season this year were Mint and Peach Mint, of which we tried the latter. It’s hard to imagine the taste of white chocolate, peach and mint interacting. When you put it in your mouth the peach flavor fills your mouth and you can taste a slight mintiness in the bar as well. These are quite sweet, so they would go great with some tea.

#3 - Elise Pakila (Chocomint Flavor)

These crisp cookie sticks filled with chocolate are the perfect combination with chocolate mint filling! Just as you can see from the package, the chocolate taste is strong. It’s hard to put the box down after you open it!

#2 - Marbling Chocolate Chocomint

This chocomint offering uses white chocolate with mint flavoring as the base, and bitter chocolate to create a marbling effect, which is where the name comes from. Even after you are done eating, the mint flavor is sure to stay with you, leaving you with fresh minty breath! This is great chocolate for summer, as it will leave you cool and refreshed – even more so if you cool it in the refrigerator before eating.

#1 - Mint Shake Salon de Look

The chocomint that the editorial staff thought had the best balance of both chocolate and mint was the Salon de Look chocolate. There are eight pieces of chocolate in the blue-green box. While the mint is cooling and refreshing, there were also popping candies inside the chocolate which was quite a surprise! If you’re a chocomint-holic, then you must try this one!

These selections were only a small portion of what was available in 2019. Old chocomint favorites and new classics are expected to be on sale in 2020, so keep your eyes peeled at online retailers!