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Stay in Tokyo amongst the Books at Book and Bed Tokyo

Aug 05, 2019

Capsule Hotels are popular with tourists as they seem in line with the concept of futuristic Japan and are affordable. One original concept that has been gaining popularity in Japan is a capsule hotel that is “a bookstore you can stay at”. Let’s take a closer look at Book and Bed Tokyo, a hostel that doubles as a library!

A Unique Concept

While this hostel is within 10 minutes of JR Shinjuku Station’s East Exit, Seibu Shinjuku Station’s South Exit and the Shinjuku Sanchome Subway Station and is in the middle of busy Kabukicho, when you stop inside you will enter a quiet world filled with books! This unique space is like a library, with books lining the walls. It seems like a hidden fortress, with beds in between bookshelves. If you love books, then you’ll fall in love with these shelves crammed full of them!

Though the hotel is stylish on its own, there is also a café in the Shinjuku Branch of Book and Bed Tokyo. The aroma of coffee beans and the gentle, orange lights combined with peaceful music seems like a library where you can have your very own supreme moment of relaxation. You can also use your computer and get some work done – quietly, of course.

A Comfortable Environment with all the Amenities

The room types are Single, Comfort Single, Double and Superior Room. There is a security box that can hold not only your phone and wallet but is also big enough for a laptop or camera. Don’t worry about your belongings as you get lost in a good book! There are two plugs in each private room, as well as at the bottom of the sofa in the lobby. With space to charge your electronics and free Wi-Fi, you can check your e-mails anytime!

There are hangers on the walls you can keep your clothes from getting wrinkled. The lights in the private rooms can be adjusted as you like, for soft lighting when reading or complete darkness when sleeping. You can rent a bath towel (162 yen), pajamas (540 yen), a toothbrush (108 yen) and more. Shampoo, conditioner, body soap, hairdryers and q-tips are all free to use.

There are male and female shower rooms and washrooms are accessible 24/7. This space is kept very clean, so you do not need to worry. If you’re staying, you can bring your own food and drinks. There is a toaster-oven and a microwave in the lobby space that you can use, as well as plates and utensils. Please note that you can’t eat in your private room, only in the lobby.

Stop By Even If You're Not Spending the Night

Although Book and Bed Tokyo can be used as a regular hostel, you can also enjoy some quiet time here even if you’re not staying! It costs 540 yen per hour from 1:00PM-8:00PM on weekdays. If you want to use a bed, it costs 840 yen per hour. Of course, you’re free to read as many books as you want!
Please note that you cannot use cash at Book and Bed Tokyo. They only accept cashless payments such as transportation IC cards such as Suica and Pasmo or credit cards. There is no place to charge your IC card inside the hostel, so please charge in advance.

Check-in is from 4:00PM to 11:00PM. If you come after 1:00PM, then you can check-in early for an additional fee of 540 yen per hour. If you plan to check-in after 11:00PM, then please let the staff know. There is always staff on-site, so you can come and go as you please. Explore Shinjuku’s nightlife while you’re in the heart of it!

Check out is by 11:00AM, however if you want to read a bit more then you can extend your check-out time until 1:00PM for an additional 540 yen per hour.
Before you check-in and until 4:00PM on the day you check out, you can keep your luggage at the hostel. For travelers coming with heavy baggage, this is certainly a happy bonus.

If you love books, then spend the night at this unique hostel!

Pricing Information

Single: 5,400 yen per night
Comfort Single: 5,900 yen per night
Double: 10,500 yen per night
Superior Room: 14,000 yen per night
*The Double and Superior Room can be used by 2 people
*Prices may change on weekends and national holidays

Check-in from 4:00PM, Check-out by 11:00AM
Early check-in from 1:00PM for an additional 540 yen per hour.
Late check-out by 1:00PM for an additional 540 yen per hour.
*Please see the company's Twitter account for more information

Payment Methods:
Credit card
*Cash is not accepted

Reservation Cancellation
If you cancel your reservation, the agreement states that you have to pay the following amounts:
Cancellation 8 or more days before your stay: No charge
Cancellation 7 to 3 days before your stay: 30% of the room fee
Cancellation 2 days before your stay: 50% of the room fee
Cancellation the day before your stay: 80% of the room fee
Cancellation the day of your stay or not arriving without informing the hotel: 100% of the room fee
*The above fees differ for large groups of 10 or more people. Please contact the hostel for details.

Hours of Operation:

Payment Methods:
Credit card
IC Transportation Cards (Suica, Pasmo etc.)
*Cash is not accepted
*There is no place to charge your IC card inside the hostel, so please charge in advance.

Daytime Usage
Hours of Operation:

Usage Fees
Weekdays: 540 yen per hour
Free Time (maximum or 4 hours): 1,620 yen
Bed Rental (Weekdays Only) 840 yen per hour

* +100 yen on weekends and national holidays, with a maximum stay of 3 hours.
* The bed rental plan can only be reserved until 2:30PM.
* Those using the daytime plan cannot bring outside food or drinks
* Those using the daytime plan cannot use the shower

Payment Methods:
Credit card
IC Transportation Cards (Suica, Pasmo etc.)
*Cash is not accepted
*There is no place to charge your IC card inside the hostel, so please charge in advance.
*Please see Bed and Book Tokyo’s Twitter to see if there is any free space.

Open everyday

Address: Kabukicho APM Building 8F, 1-27-5 Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
A 6-minute walk from Shinjuku Station
A 1-minute walk from the South Exit of Seibu Shinjuku Station
A 1-minute walk from a Convenience Store (Family Mart Kabukicho Hiroba-Mae Branch)
A 4-minute walk from a drug store (Daikoku Drug Kabukicho 1-chome Branch)
A 6-minute walk from a currency exchange

Website: http://www.bookandbedtokyo.com/