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Getting Around Shinjuku Station:
West Exit to East Exit

Mar 29, 2018

Although the JR Shinjuku Station platforms and rail lines generally run north to south, the areas around the station can be divided into the West Exit, East Exit and South Exit areas. There are a lot of interconnecting passages, which can get confusing. Here are some easy directions on different ways to get from the West Exit to the South Exit, and from the West Exit to the East Exit.

1. The quickest route: Old Ome Road (the Tsunohazu Railroad Underpass)

Go out of the ground-level West Exit and turn right. At Uniqlo on the corner, turn right again. Head a little further and you will see the low Tsunohazu Railroad Underpass on Old Ome Road to the East Exit.

2. Closest route to Kabukicho! Under the Big Shinjuku Overpass

As with the first route, go out of the ground-level West Exit and turn right. Instead of turning at Uniqlo, go straight toward the green “Tano” billboard with the dog. Go under the Big Shinjuku Overpass and you will be right in Kabukicho.

3. The best route for rainy days! The Metro Promenade

Go out of the West Exit and head for the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line. When you get to the bottom of the stairs, you will see signs directing you to the east side. From there, you will see the Metro Promenade. Extending to Shinjuku 3-chome, this long underground passage has many exits, making it easy to get to where you want to go.