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3 must-see matsuri in Shinjuku

Jun 30, 2018

There is a great deal of local festivals (matsuri) happening across Japan during summer time. Here are 3 must-see Japanese Summer Festivals near to Shinjuku that you could have an unforgettable experience about mikoshi (a divine palanquin) parade, late night food stalls, fireworks, yukata (a casual version of the kimono) and so on!
Photo by Kentaro Ohono@flickr

The Hanazono Jinja Reitaisai

Most shrines have several matsuri during a whole year, but the most important festival must be the “Reitaisai”, which means “Annual Festival of the shrine” in Japanese.
The most famous shrine in Shinjuku, Hanazono Jinja hold this annual festival from 5/25~5/28 this year. The highlight of it is the two mikoshi owned by the shrine and mikoshi owned by local communities parading on Yasukuni-dori Street, Shinjuku-dori Street and Meiji-dori Street. Nevertheless, there are so many food stalls in the courtyard of the shrine.


Location information

Hanazono Shrine

This shrine in Shinjuku has drawn the faithful since before the establishment of the Edo shogunate by Tokugawa Ieyasu in 1603 and continues to be cherished as an urban oasis to this day. The vivid ver…

5-17-3 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0222
Telephone number
03-3209- 5265
Hours of operation
· Prayers 9:30–16:30
· Office 8:00–20:00

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Shinjuku Eisa Matsuri

Photo by yukishana@flickr

If you want to feel the atmosphere of Okinawa, it is recommended to join the Shinjuku Eisa Matsuri. Eisa is a form of fold dance and parade originating from Okinawa, which is performed by young people to honor ancestors during the Buddhist O-Bon festival. The festival will be so crowded so be prepared!


Koenji Awaodori Dance

Photo by midorisyu@flickr

The Koenji Awaodori is held every year on the last weekend of August. Awaodori is a traditional dance of Tokushima with a long history over 400 years. Tokyo's Koenji Awaodori first began in 1957 as a festival to revitalize the small shopping streets throughout the town. Over the years the festival has grown and now over 10,000 dancers parade through the town and over a 1,000,000 spectators come.


Here’s just Top 3 to see in Shinjuku while there are countless of festivals across Japan. If you would like to feel the heat and charm of summer in Japan, wait no longer to join a matsuri!