Shinjuku News


Aug 07, 2019

Watch a Movie under the Starry Sky at Shinjuku’s Outdoor Theater!

From July 19th to August 31st, Odakyu Group will be holding the Summer Terrace Festa on Shinjuku Southern Terrace. The Shinjuku Guide team went to the Friday, August 2nd and Saturday, August 3rd movie screening events that were part of the Festa. Both of the showings started at 7:00PM, with the 2015 blockbuster Jurassic World being screened on the first night and the 2017 action-adventure movie Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle on the second. Watching these popular movies under the night sky in the big city was very fun!

7:00PM is about the time that the humidity dies down and a cool breeze starts to blow. Everyone’s work is done around that time, so those who came to the outdoor theater were ready to relax. Although it may not seem as if you can relax in downtown Shinjuku surrounded by skyscrapers, this outdoor theater was the perfect spot to unwind after the day’s activities.

There was a large screen set up in the area, and speakers that were similar to those found in indoor movie theaters were used so the movie’s sound could be heard easily. There were not only rows of seats similar to those in traditional movie theaters, but also outdoor table and chair sets available. This setup was perfect for those who wanted to share a meal with their friends and family while watching the movie. A food truck that served beer was on-site, so you could order a beer and enjoy the summer night.

If you missed this event, don’t worry. There will be a festival that’s part of the Summer Terrace Festa held on Friday, August 9th and Saturday, August 10th. There will be workshops happening and a variety of food trucks on-site, so don’t miss it!