Shinjuku News


Sep 28, 2018

Watch Cool and Artistic Videos in the Middle of Busy Shinjuku!

As part of the Shinjuku Creator’s Festa, digital signage and large screens all around Shinjuku will become part of artists' exhibitions. With Synichi Yamamoto, someone who has had a hand in large screen art projects since 2013, as the program director there are many more artists who have collaborated in this project compared to years past. Usually these screens just add to the noise and information overload of the city. The works of art displayed during the Shinjuku Creators Festa aim to counter that. The theme this year is “Shinjuku Visualized”, where artists’ interpretations of Shinjuku will be on display.

This event is curated and produced by superSymmetry by omnibus, a creative label that has experience in screening visual media on large screens so you can be sure that the art you see will look great. The screens will show not only show artistic motion graphics, but also play music that goes with it. Don’t miss this all-encompassing experience.

You can see art displayed periodically on the screen in front of Studio Alta, the screen in front of Flags, the Yunika Vision screen and the Est Vision screen by Lumine Est.

Find more information about the Shinjuku Creators Festival on its official website, and learn more about superSymmetry on its official website, written in both English and Japanese.