Shinjuku News


Aug 27, 2018

Take the Perfect Shot in Front of This Japanese Pop Art Mural!

Shinjuku Creators Festa is a free art event taking place from August 1st to October 8th. During this time, a wide variety of art exhibitions and outdoor public art will be open to the public.

Under the Yamanote Line and Saikyo Line train tracks between Shinjuku Station and Shin Okubo Station is a mural that incorporates elements of traditional Japanese culture painted by the graffiti artist MOT8. From 2003 to 2011 MOT8 worked in Italy, holding exhibitions and creating murals in the area. This experience led him to truly understand European pop art, and you can see that influence in his style. He specializes in designing characters, lending his talents to wall murals, paintings, illustrations and action

The mural in the above picture is called “Biological Matrix Tokyo”, and was painted for last year’s Shinjuku Creators Festa. For this year’s event, MOT8 is creating another mural under the Chuo Line train tracks entitled “Mienai Chosen” (Unseen Challenges), which is inspired by the upcoming 2020 Olympics. The new mural’s completion will be announced on the event’s official website. For the time being, you can admire last year’s completed mural, which is the perfect spot to take a stylish shot for Instagram!

See the Shinjuku Creators Festa official website for more information, and see more of MOT8’s work on his official website.