Shinjuku News


Oct 30, 2018

Take a Guided Tour of the Local Neighborhoods Surrounding Shinjuku!

If you are looking for somewhere off of the beaten path to visit during your stay in Tokyo, why not take a guided tour in English with Ellista Tours? They will take you to exciting spots in local neighborhoods where you’re sure to see something you couldn’t have found on your own.

One tour is of Shimokitazawa, a hip, young town overflowing with culture. This area is known for its vintage clothing shops, second-hand record stores, theaters and live music clubs. There are also a lot of places to grab a bite to eat or sit down with a drink. This lively town is a great spot to check out Tokyo’s nightlife and get to know people who are at the forefront of Japanese youth counterculture.

The other tour is of Yoyogi-Uehara, a residential area close to Shinjuku. It is a peaceful area, known for its serene shrine. In contrast to this, there are also several trendy shops and cafés, including a small donuts shop that makes its offerings fresh every day. Only a few minutes’ walk from the station is an old public bathhouse that has been loved for generations. Enjoy a taste of daily life in the middle of the busy Tokyo metropolis.

As part of their opening sale, Ellista’s tours are now available at a special discounted price! Don’t hesitate and book your spot today! Visit the official website,, for details.