Shinjuku News


Aug 20, 2019

Summer is the Time for Festivals! A Report on Shinjuku’s Ennichi Summer Festival

In our previous news article, we told you about the outdoor movie screenings that took place on Shinjuku Southern Terrace on. This time, we’re here to report on another event from the Shinjuku Summer Festa, the Japanese Summer Festival that took place on August 9th and 10th. The events on both of these days took place from 3:00PM to 10:00PM. There were workshops and food trucks on-site for a fun, summery vibe.

You may be wondering what Ennichi means. The Chinese characters for Ennnichi mean “fate day”, and the day is said to be when the Gods and fate are intertwined. Ennichi is a day when festivals and memorials for the departed are held, and it is believed that praying on this day is more beneficial than usual. It is said that the Gods like places where many people are gathered, so festivals with food vendors are held to get people to come out and celebrate.

We arrived at the event when it started around 3:00PM. Although there are no shrines or temples in the area the event was held, it felt just like a regular festival. Walking around the spacious Southern Terrace filled with festival stalls and food trucks was a great experience. The stalls featured festival games such as goldfish scooping and there were so many food options that we couldn’t decide what to get. We also participated in a workshop where we made an original paper fan and kinchaku bag. Making these summery items at a festival was very fun!

If you can make it to Shinjuku Southern Terrace, the Baby and Kid's Festa will be taking place on the 24th as part of the Summer Terrace Festa. Click here for more details.