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Aug 17, 2018

Relax and Enjoy Kazuyuki Sakuma’s Happy-Go-Lucky Art!

Shinjuku Creators Festa is a free art event taking place from August 1st to October 8th. During this time, a wide variety of art exhibitions and outdoor public art will be open to the public.

For this event, a small exhibition by Kazuyuki Sakuma is being held in Shinjuku Center Building from August 10th to 24th. Sakuma is a member of Yoshimoto Creative Agency, a huge entertainment agency in Japan that is best known for its comedians, which Sakuma primarily is. Ever since he won the R-1 Grand Prix, a contest for solo comedians held by Yoshimoto, his one man shows have regularly sold out. He jokes about topics that will make people of all ages smile. In addition to comedy, Sakuma is also an artist. He designed Rumi-nyan, the mascot for the Lumine the Yoshimoto theatre, and has also published a picture book featuring the one-panel comics that he posted on Twitter.

This exhibition features cardboard panels of Sakuma that you can take pictures with and selected pieces from his “Kazuyuki Sakuma Having No Trouble at All during an Adventure” exhibition that was held earlier this year at Yurakucho Marui Department Store. You can also see some of his wordless comics that are sure to put a smile on your face in both static and video form. There is also a panel that you can stick your head in and take your picture with the characters from Sakuma’s world!

See the Shinjuku Creators Festa official website for more information, and follow Kazuyuki Sakuma on

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