Shinjuku News


May 29, 2018

Leave Your Luggage to us and Enjoy Walking Around Tokyo!

Walking around Shinjuku with luggage can be irritating, even more so when you are on your way to tour other parts of Japan with a lot of luggage in tow. It's a good thing that there are plenty of areas in Shinjuku, such as JR Shinjuku Station and Tour Centers, that offer coin lockers or luggage storage services. If you are familiar with web applications such as Ecbo Cloak, there are even more luggage storage options for you to choose from. You may discover that there is storage space available near your accommodations so you won’t have to carry your bags all the way to the station!

Only 2 minutes away from Shinjuku-Sanchome Station, Inbound League offers luggage storage at JPY 400 per night for a small piece of luggage and JPY 700 per night for a big one. If you make a reservation through Ecbo Cloak, there is a small discount! JPY 300 per day for a small piece of luggage and JPY 600 per day for a large one!

Visit the Ecbo Cloak website here:
Or simply search Inbound League Ecbo Cloak on Google!

ecbo cloakInbound League aims to enhance the experience of tourists from overseas. One idea is to allow tourists to explore Shinjuku, Tokyo, and the rest of Japan without worrying about their luggage. With Inbound League luggage storage, there is no minimum or maximum weight limit, and you can leave it for as long as you want! 5-day visit to Kyoto? 10-day visit to Hokkaido? 1-day visit around Tokyo? No problem! Enjoy Shinjuku and the rest of your trip luggage free!