Shinjuku News


Sep 14, 2018

Grab a Bite to Eat at the Newly Renovated Pubs and Restaurants in Haru Chika!

Haru Chika Open Dining Area, the dining area on the MB3 floor of the Shinjuku Station West Exit Halc Department Store, is reopening on September 21st after having been newly renovated! This is the first time that the area has been renovated since it opened in 2010. The renovations have transformed the space into a spot with many lively izakaya (Japanese-style bars)! Four new restaurants have been added to the space, including the first branch of the restaurant Kushiyaki Bistro Gaburi in Tokyo, and the first branch of Gyozarou Agalico in Shinjuku.

There are 10 izakaya and restaurants in the Shinjuku West Exit Halc Department Store where you can try a variety of foods such as sashimi, oden (Japanese-style hot pot), grilled skewers, teppan-grilled foods, okonomiyaki (savory Japanese-style pancakes), and of course drinks as well! What’s more, you can enjoy specially made dishes from each restaurant and a wide variety of drinks at very reasonable prices. As Haru Chika is accessible directly from Shinjuku Station, it is the perfect place to grab a drink before heading
back for the night.

Haru Chika Open Dining Area is open for lunch as well! From 11AM to 2PM, the entire area is non-smoking, so you can enjoy your lunch in peace.

Be sure to stop by the newly renovated drinking and dining area for lunch for a quick drink!