Shinjuku News


Dec 05, 2019

Get Into the Christmas Spirit at the Shinjuku Mylord Department Store!

Fortune telling is a popular pastime in Japan. Types of fortune telling include palm reading, tarot, and birth chart reading. A typical service offered by fortune tellers is a reading of their client’s love life. This service is especially popular during Christmas, as this season in Japan is one that is reserved for lovers. The Shinjuku Mylord Department Store's Fortune Xmas campaign mixes Japan’s love of fortune-telling and Christmas into one unique event. Find the perfect Christmas Eve date night outfit at the Shinjuku Mylord department store – with the help of some psychics!

There are two main components to this campaign, with the first being online fortune-telling. Enter your name and birthdate, and choose what information you want to know, from what kind of flower you would be to what the first impression your special someone would have of you. Finding out what flower you are will let you know your lucky color, and Mylord has many Christmas colored items waiting for you!

Other information you can find out from the digital fortune teller is your pheromone type and who is thinking about you on Christmas Eve. You’ll receive a pheromone type and tarot card, respectively. However, to learn more, you need to visit displays in Mylord like the one in the photo above!

The second component of this campaign is an online Christmas draw. When you spend 3,000 yen at the Shinjuku Mylord Department Store, you can enter a draw and win a prize! Prizes include trips to famous lucky locations, an hour-long reading with a psychic and Mylord Department Store gourmet tickets! Entering this draw is simple – after you register, all you have to do it take a picture of your receipt with your smartphone and you’re all set! Note that you must live in Japan to enter the draw.

Enjoy a supernatural spin on Christmas at Shinjuku Mylord! Your luck may increase during your shopping here…

Find out more on the Fortune Xmas campaign website.