Shinjuku Areas

The Many Attractions
of Shinjuku

More people use Shinjuku Station each day than any other station in the world. The station is surrounded by a business district with high-rise buildings, restaurants and other establishments that make it easy to enjoy the nightlife, department stores for a convenient selection of gifts and eateries, and much more. We take a look at some of the many facets of Shinjuku.

A World-Class
Business District

In the West Area, you will find high-rise buildings that include the seat of the Tokyo government. It is also a prominent business district where many major corporations are located.

Packed with Unique Izakayas and Other Eateries

Shinjuku is filled with all sorts of unique food establishments that you can find only in Japan. Counted among Asia’s largest and most bustling business and shopping centers, Shinjuku spreads out from Kabukicho.

Loaded with Shopping Locations

All around Shinjuku Station, including the underground subway area, are department stores, fashion buildings and much more. With the incredible variety of goods, you’ll have no shortage of things to buy and foods to try.

Lots of Things to
See and Do

Although an urban area, Shinjuku has many places to enjoy nature, including Shinjuku Gyoen, which is famous for its cherry blossoms in spring, and Shinjuku Central Park with its lush greenery.

About the Shinjuku Area

  • West Area
  • East Area
  • South Area

West Area

Lots of shopping, hotels,
restaurants and cafés

With Odakyu Department Store connected directly to Shinjuku Station, Odakyu Ace and much more, this area is perfect for buying gifts and going shopping. Many hotels are also located here, making this a great place for your travel base.

A Detailed Look at Shinjuku

East Area

The place to be for nightlife
and shopping!

Excellent access to all the best of Shinjuku. Whether for shopping at Shinjuku ALTA or BICQLO or having a fun night out in Kabukicho, the East Area is a great choice!

A Detailed Look at Shinjuku

South Area

Directly connected to the bus
terminal with great access to
sightseeing in Tokyo

Thanks to the Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal (Busta Shinjuku) with its convenient railway stations, highway buses and taxis, this is an ideal area as a base for all your sightseeing. And don’t forget to visit the underground station area for great shopping and restaurants.

A Detailed Look at Shinjuku

How to move around Shinjuku

Moving in the East-West Direction

This section describes how to get to each of the Odakyu Line ticket gates and how to get around in Shinjuku Station. JR lines travel in the east-west direction on the first floor of the station, making it somewhat difficult to move in that direction as a pedestrian. The following five routes can be used:

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5

1West Exit Girder Bridge (Ground Level)

Walk north for about 5 minutes and then pass under the JR railway bridge from the ground floor of Shinjuku Station.

2Promenade (B1F)

Exit through the underground ticket gate of Shinjuku Station and head north to get to the underground promenade located above the Toei Shinjuku Line. Though the promenade is on the B1 floor, you must go down a short flight of stairs if coming from the Odakyu or JR station.

3Shinjuku South Exit (2F, overpass)

The Shinjuku Station South Exits of the Odakyu Line and JR are located above an overpass on the 2nd floor that provides east-west access.

4JR Southern Terrace Exit – New South Gate Passageway

This passage connecting the JR Southern Terrace Exit with the New South Gate and Takashimaya Times Square (2nd floor) provides east-west access.

5Southern Terrace East Deck (2F)

The East Deck on the 2nd floor is an overpass connecting the Southern Terrace located in front of the Odakyu Hotel Century Southern Tower and allows east-west travel.

Moving in the North-South Direction

It is somewhat easier to move north and south than in the east-west direction. Here are some commonly used routes.

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3

1Mosaic Street – Mylord Deck –
Southern Terrace

You can walk through Mosaic Street, which is lined with many fun variety stores, from the side road by the Odakyu Department Store (1F) to get to Mylord Deck (3F) through the South Exit (2F). Cross Kosyu Kaido Ave. to get to the open-air Southern Terrace (2F).

2Shinjuku Station East Exit – Kabukicho

Exit the ground exit of Shinjuku Station’s East Exit and head north to get to Kabukicho, a district that represents some of the best entertainment Japan has to offer.

3Shinjuku Station East Exit – Shinjuku Station South- East Exit (Flags)

Exit through the ground exit of Shinjuku Station’s East Exit and head south to get to the JR Shinjuku Station South-East Exit. Flags is located here, which is popular with trend-conscious young people. The South-East Exit is convenient for traveling east and west.